The mission of the ISCA is to develop standardized approaches for the manufacture and delivery of pluripotent stem cell-based therapies.


The ISCA envisions a future where focused international collaborative efforts have realized an expanding range of stem cell-based medicines delivering life changing cell-based medicines for patients with degenerative and neurological disorders.


  1. Create an international consortium of leading scientific stem cell research centers 

  2. Establish a programme translational hPSC-based research and devleopment based on international standards in ethics and standardized materials and protocols required for the manufacture of cell-based medicines

  3. Promote the clinical application of advanced stem cell-based products by:

    a) Promoting international stem cell pre-clinical and clinical studies through shared global resources in technology, information and standards

    b) Design and implementation of a comprehensive international strategic planning 'road map' for stem cell clinical translation

    c) Acceleration of the industrialization and commercialization of stem cell therapy

  4. Establish an international human stem cell resource bank and database:

    a) To further promote the implementation of the International Stem Cell Banking Initiative (ISCBI) and support the development of an International Stem Cell Hub laboratory providing resources and protocols for regenerative medicines for the majority of populations

    b) To establish a shared international stem cell database covering genome, epigenome, proteomics, tracing cell differentiation and clinical experimental information

  5. Establish the quality management system (QMS) and international standards rquired to manufacture, store, test for safety and quality, and implement it in the International Stem Cell Hub

  6. Establish intelligent and automated production management systems incorporating innovative integrated manufacturing solutions for cell-based medicines for scale-up, differentiation, formulation, and distribution.

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